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I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website, and hope that you will find it to be informative. Lakes of The Four Seasons Volunteer Fire Force is comprised of a dedicated group of individuals who have chosen to give back to their community through service. In addition to fire and rescue services our department provides advanced life support EMS, dive/water rescue, public education/fire prevention and inspection services for local businesses.

We are always looking for more dedicated people to join our ranks. If you have ever been interested in joining the fire department, experienced or not, feel free to stop by our station to take a look around, there is no better feeling than being able to assist your neighbors in their time of need. We are excited for what the future has in store here in the community and look forward to serving for years to comeā€¦ I am proud to be the Chief of such a fantastic department and to have met the acquaintance of the individuals who volunteer their time...

Jeremy Campbell
Fire Chief

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Our Proud Volunteers:


  • 3501 Jeremy Campbell - Fire Chief/EMT-P
  • 3502 Jason Gikas - Asst. Chief
  • 3504 Josh Wyant - Captain
  • 3505 Jason Morris - Captain/EMT-B
  • 3506 Jonathan Buzcek - Lieutenant/Engineer/EMT-B
  • 3507 Christopher Diaz - Lieutenant
  • 3606 Mike Wieczorek - Lieutenant/EMT-B
  • 3607 Andrew Dragash - Lieutenant/EMT-B
  • 3608 Nicholas Lukas - Lieutenant
  • 3509 Bob Greaney - Safety Officer


  • 3580 Amanda Stagowski FF/EMT-B
  • 3582 Robert Wentz FF
  • 3584 Phil Buckingham FF/Engineer/EMT-B
  • 3585 Stevie McDaniel Shouse FF/EMT-B
  • 3586 Edgar Lopez Sr. FF
  • 3587 Kevin Heerema FF/EMT-B
  • 3589 Jeremy Nemeth FF
  • 3594 Gary Elliot FF/EMT-B
  • 3595 Joseph Ferkull FF/Engineer
  • 3598 Greg Gilliana FF
  • 3680 Pat Savell FF/EMT-P
  • 3681 Joey Joyce Probationary FF
  • 3684 Michael Grelecki FF
  • 3685 Kenneth Gibbon FF
  • 3689 Justin Andras Probationary FF
  • 3693 Ryan Burgess FF/EMT-P
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